Acquisition Services

When acquiring properties for its own investment strategy, or consulting with
institutional investors and lenders who are acquiring either directly or through
foreclosure, Lakeside performs the following evaluations:

imagesRVORVLYKEconomic and Development Overview – Prepare an economic and development
overview of a project to determine feasibility.

Evaluate Development – Identify critical issues that need to be addressed to
preserve the properties value and physical condition, both prior to and immediately
following acquisition.

Due Diligence – Perform and direct the due diligence to evaluate the full scope of a
project’s entitlement and development issues.

Acquisition – For properties being purchased through direct acquisition identify of all
contracts, development rights and ancillary agreements that may need to be assigned to
the buyer. For workouts, restructures, deed in lieu and foreclosures: assist acquiring
entity on how to best take title to the subject property, together with all development
rights, contractual interests, etc.

Create a Disposition and Development Matrix to identify disposition and development options and timelines to establish a reasonable development priority for a

Business Plan – Create a business plan for a project. Provide recommended
development and disposition strategy, identify capital requirements and project cash
flow. Identify and evaluate options based on market conditions and risks, limitations of
available capital, and other constraints.

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