Lakeside Services

Investments and Acquisition

Lakeside, through its investment partnerships, invests in residential and infill development opportunities in partnership with experienced developers, or for its own account. While Lakeside has invested in a range of development types – from large land developments to infill housing and traditional subdivision development – the key has been to identify projects that are competitively priced and located in strong or improving markets.

Lakeside provides investment management services for all its investment partnerships.            Read more…

TableViewAcquisition Services

Whether acquiring properties for its own investment strategy, or consulting with institutional investors and lenders, Lakeside evaluates the issues concerning a property and its development status to establish a workable business plan and acquisition strategy.            Read more…

Development Services

Based on an identified business plan, Lakeside will implement a development and
disposition strategy utilizing a combination of its own resources, contracting with
specialists and structuring joint ventures or fee development contracts with qualified
builders and developers.            Read more…

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